Star Wars Fighter Pods Series 6: Captain Phasma

The newest in my The Force Awakens Fighter Pod set is the mysterious Captain Phasma.  I am hoping we get to see her in action in Episode VIII since she didn’t get to do to much in this movie.


This version is made from a Stormtrooper with electric tape for the cape.  I also redid the accompanying Stormtroopers’ helmets.  I wasn’t happy with the earlier version.



Star Wars Fighter Pods Series 6: Rey

No set of The Force Awakens figures would be complete without the movie’s central character, Rey.  I made two versions – one with a blaster and one with her staff.  Both versions of started with the Series 1 Padme.  For the staff version, I switched out the blaster arm with one from Asajj Ventress.  The staff is built from Ventress’ lightsabers. The rest is electrical tape.



Star Wars Fighter Pods Series 6: Chewbacca

I’ll be honest.  I expected Chewie to look a little different in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I figured he’d at least have some grey in his fur. Apparently, Wookies have found the Fountain of Youth, and Chewie didn’t age as dramatically as the rest of the cast.  So I didn’t see the need to make a Force Awakens Chewie. But then I realized just how many Series 4 hologram Chewbaccas I had accumulated and changed my mind.


I cut off the wrench and sculpted his signature bowcaster to make him look different from the original sculpt.  Then I added a little electrical tape for the bandage he wore in The Force Awakens.  


Star Wars Fighter Pods Series 6: C-3PO

The latest in my The Force Awakens Fighter Pod series is everyone’s favorite protocol droid, See-Threepio.  He’s just a simple repaint of R-3PO from series 4 (which is a repaint of the series 1 See-Threepio).  And no, that’s not the actual red arm.  I had to paint the whole figure.


Threepio loves to tell people about his red arm…


Star Wars Fighter Pods Series 6: BB-8

So usually, when I make custom figures, I use parts from existing figures.  However, there were no parts I could use to make BB-8.  So I had to start from scratch.


With the exception of the antennas (kindly donated by a Warhammer figure), BB-8 is made from clay.



The latest in my Star Wars:The Force Awakens series is once again testimony that sometimes the simplest customs are the best.


The original Series 2 Han Solo didn’t take much altering to create his older counterpart. With a little black paint for the jacket and a little grey to the hair, this custom was complete.



Star Wars Fighter Pods Series 6: Poe Dameron

I have always been a big fan of X-Wing Pilots, and the new batch from The Force Awakens is just as much fun as the original group.


Poe was made from a Series 3 Biggs Darklighter with a Star Trek space suit Sulu head.