Star Wars Fighter Pods Series 5: Dak Ralter

In The Empire Strikes Back, Luke is paired with Dak Ralter just before the battle on Hoth.  He serves as Luke’s gunner as they fly off in a snowspeeder to repel the Imperial attack.


Dak is made from a Biggs Darklighter figure. Since I have made a few other figures from this same figure, I wanted to differentiate Dak from them. I cut off Biggs’ gun and added a wrench from Chewbacca and a Star Trek tricorder.


Dak Ralter (image from Wookiepedia)


Star Wars Fighter Pods Series 5: Able

One of my favorite Star Wars stories is from the Star Wars: Empire comics #26 and 27, which takes place right after the Episode IV.  In this story, Luke and his X-Wing Squadron are setting up a communications center on a remote planet when the Empire shows up and hijinks ensue.  While there, Luke stumbles across a clone trooper who was the sole survivor of a ship that crashed there during the Clone Wars.  The trooper, BL-1707 aka Able, joins the Rebels and becomes a supporting character in the series.

Star Wars Empire #27

Star Wars Empire #27 (photo from

The fine folks at Hasbro were nice enough to make a Clone Trooper Fighter Pod with his helmet off.  I used one of the Hologram versions from Series 4 to make Able.



Star Wars Fighter Pods Series 5: Luke Skywalker, Hoth Uniform

While Hasbro made a lot of versions of Fighter Pods Lukes, they didn’t do a Hoth Luke.  Since they did make a Hoth Han, and bunch of snowtroopers, a snowspeeder, and an AT-AT, I figured I’d make a Hoth Luke to fill the gap.

Hoth Luke Skywalker

He was made from a Hoth Han and a Lightning bolt Luke (both from series 4 and both were repaints from Series 1).



Star Wars Fighter Pods Series 5

Fighter Pods are my favorite line of toys  A multitude of characters and ships at an affordable price and small enough to take up little space.  And so darn cool too.  And despite four series of Star Wars figures, there were still plenty of characters left to be made.  So I started making them.

I made a Rodian Jedi.  I have always liked the Rodians, and had an extra Greedo and a hologram Mace Windu.

Rodian Jedi

Rodian Jedi

The Fighter Pod Jedi Council

The Fighter Pod Jedi Council