JJ Abrams

I recently saw that Funko is making a Pop of JJ Abrams and decided to make a Micro Force version.

In order to honor his contributions to both Star Wars and Star Trek, I gave him a lightsaber and a tricorder.

JJ was made from a Chekov figure with a lightsaber from a Hologram Luke figure.


Star Trek Fighter Pod Custom: Admiral Pike

This version of Admiral Pike is based on Bruce Greenwood’s character in Into Darkness.

This figure was made from a Star Trek alien Fighter Pod body and a Star Wars Fighter Pod series 3 Han Solo head.

Star Trek Fighter Pod Custom: Berlinghoff Rasmussen

One of my favorite ST:TNG episodes is “A Matter of Time” from season 5. In this episode, while the Enterprise crew is trying to save a planet from a global catastrophe, a time traveler from the future, Berlinghoff Rasmussen, arrives to observe. Picard and crew wrestle with the ethics of whether or not to use future knowledge to solve a present danger. And, spoiler, there’s a great twist in the end (are spoiler warnings necessary for something that aired 27 years ago?)

While the role was originally written for Robin Williams, it is delightfully played by Max Headroom actor Matt Frewer. His performance is just plain fun to watch as he intrigues, amuses, annoys, and frustrates (sometimes all at once) the Enterprise crew.

This figure was made from a Micro Force Hologram Luke Skywalker body and a Fighter Pod Chekov head. His coat is made from clay, and he is holding a stolen tricorder taken from a Fighter Pod McCoy.

Star Trek Fighter Pods Custom: Space Jump Sulu

I’m a big fan of the reboot Star Trek movies, and one of my favorite scenes is the space jump scene from the 2009 movie (Wow! I just realized that this “new” movie is nine years old!). Kirk and Sulu have an edge-of-your-seat fight scene as they face off against the Romulans who are trying to destroy the planet Vulcan.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to make a Space Jump Sulu for awhile, and finally settled on the figure of Sulu in the Into Darkness space suit.

The figure is a straight up repaint with electric tape and clay for the details.

Star Trek on Quidd

Quidd is an app that lets you download and trade digital 3D figures, stickers, emojis, and trading cards from various licenses. There’s a full version for Apple phones and a beta version for Android phones.  The app gives you 4,000 coins every three hours that you can use to purchase these items, and you can also buy more coins with actual money. So far I’ve done quite well on the free coins and haven’t actually purchased any coins.

What sucked me in to Quidd is that they have a deal with Funko so you can get digital versions of many different Funko Pop! vinyl figures.  By far, the Star Trek figures are my favorite.  Not only do they have digital versions of figures released in the real world, but they also have never before made figures from Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and even Enterprise!  As someone who loves Pops but can’t afford to buy or store all the ones I want, Quidd is a great alternative.

Here are some (but not all) of the figures available so far.






Star Trek Fighter Pods: Krull


I finally got around to making Krull, the villain from the latest Star Trek film, Star Trek Beyond.  While he takes many forms in this movie, I decided to go with the one from the end of the movie.

He is made from a Lt. Yeorg body and a Padawan Obi-Wan head with super glue gel for his head ridges.

New Star Trek Heroclix


Wizkids recently announced a new line of Star Trek character Heroclix coming out this fall. A few years ago, they released the main cast from the 2009 J.J. Abrams movie (see Sulu above).  While the article doesn’t list which series/characters will be in the set, I’m hoping that it will be a mix of characters from all the series and movies.  With that hope in mind, I came up with a wishlist that’s divided into two categories: givens (figures that will most likely be in a set) and hopefuls (figures I’d dearly love but are definitely not givens).

UPDATE: An article on StarTrek.com states that this fall’s series will focus on The Original Series.  Click here to read the full article.


Jean-Luc Picard


I came to my Star Trek fandom through The Next Generation.  Picard has always been a favorite character of mine and I can’t wait to have a Heroclix version to put with my other favorite characters.  I’m hoping for movie version (as seen above) or the jacket version.

The Borg


Simply put, the Borg are utterly terrifying and amazingly cool at the same time.  Since Wizkids has a history of making generic figures for army-building, it’s a safe bet that we could get one or two (or more!) generic Borg.  And, in case you are wondering, the Borg clix at the beginning of this article is a custom of mine made from Deadshot, Mr. Freeze, and a Star Wars Super Battle Droid mini.

Locutus of Borg


Many genres, including Star Trek, feature an evil version of the main hero.  Usually it’s an alternate universe version of the character.  In Locutus, Picard is overwhelmed by the Borg and forced to do horrible things.  He is completely aware but unable to overcome the Borg programming.

I remember watching the Best of Both Worlds when both episodes originally aired.  I remember the ETERNITY that occurred between those two episodes. In the current era of binge-watching, having to wait months for the next episode seems almost unimaginable.

Captain Jonathan Archer


After The Next Generation, Enterprise is my favorite Trek series.  Captain Archer genuinely just wanted to explore and to help people, but he had no trouble stepping up when trouble arose.  Over four seasons, he faced Klingons, Andorians, multiple races out to destroy the Earth, alien Nazis, and agents of the Temporal Cold War.


Berlinghoff Ramussen


Ramussen, wonderfully played by Max Headroom actor Matt Frewer, appears in The Next Generation Season 5 episode, “A Matter of Time”.  This time traveler with a twist is simultaneously insufferable and likable. He later plays a big role in the Star Trek novel Indistinguishable from Magic, by David A. McIntee.



In Star Trek, every race has both good and bad members; even the Borg are no exception to the rule.  Debuting in the another Season 5 episode of The Next Generation, Hugh is a Borg who has been separated from the Collective and attains individuality.  He shows up in later episodes and novels trying to build a society for Borg who have been freed from the Collective.

Captain Hikaru Sulu


While Sulu is most likely a given for the first set, it may be a few sets before we see a version of him as the captain of the Excelsior.  He should have a “Cup of Tea” special ability that mimics the Willpower trait.



While Data had his pet cat Spot, Porthos is the only Captain’s pet (and no, I don’t count the fish in Picard’s office).  With a friendly demeanor and a love for cheese, Porthos was practically a member of the crew, much to Subcommander T’Pol’s chagrin. He is also mentioned in the 2009 J.J. Abrams movie, where Scotty confesses to using poor Porthos in a failed transporter experiment.  While the movie never reveals what happened to the intrepid canine, Alan Dean Foster gives us the answer in his novelization of the movie.  In the last scene, an unnamed beagle mysteriously materializes on the Enterprise without anyone seeing him and proceeds to make himself at home.

Crewman Daniels


Star Trek definitely has its share of time travelers.  Star Trek: Enterprise took that theme and ran with it by introducing many villainous time travelers and even a Temporal Cold War.  Daniels, one of the crewmen who serves Captain Archer in his private dining hall, reveals himself to a good time traveler who is an agent of a future version of the Federation.



Keenser, Scotty’s engineering sidekick, debuted in J.J. Abram’s reboot and appeared in the two following movies.  While he never says a word, he communicates volumes with his looks.  His backstory is told in issue #14 of the IDW Star Trek comic book series.  His species also has very unusual symptoms when they catch a cold.

Lucsly and Dulmur


Lucsly and Dulmur work for the Federation’s Department of Temporal Investigations.  They first appear in the Deep Space Nine episode “Trials and Tribble-ations” as they debrief Captain Sisko after his adventure in the past with Captain Kirk. They later appear in their own book series by author Christopher L. Bennett.  The first novel, Watching the Clock, gives their backstory along with a look at the Department’s operations.  It also offers insight into the Temporal Cold War from Star Trek: Enterprise.  Lucsly and Dulmur would definitely have to be a duo figure.

So Wizkids, that’s my wishlist.  Considering the staggering amount of characters made from both the DC and Marvel universes, I don’t think I’m asking too much.  I look forward to adding at least some (All!) of these characters to my Heroclix collection.