Batman: The Animated Series Heroclix

It’s been awhile since I bought new Heroclix. I still love the figures, but I had most of the characters I wanted. But when this set, which also features clix from various DC animated series, was annoumced, I was interested. And when they made Nightwing, I had to pick it up.

I also picked up Commissioner Barbara Gordon from Batman Beyond as well as a Wild West Justice Riders version of Martian Manhunter from a previous set.

The set also features characters with their original look and the redesigned fourth season look (my preferred look). Two-Face, complete with flipping coin, only comes in the 4th season look, looks amazing. Mr. Freeze, comes in both versions. While the repaint doesn’t quite capture the 4th season look, it still looks pretty cool.

Update: I just realized that I said the Mr. Freeze clix was cool. While I’m not above bad jokes, this one was unintended. ūüôā


A Perfect Moment

So back in the DC Universe in the late nineties, the second Green Arrow, Connor Hawke, whooped a guy named the Silver Monkey. ¬†He was part of the Brotherhood of the Monkey Fist, a group that didn’t take too kindly to this loss. ¬†To redeem themselves, the group decided to kill every non-powered martial artist in the DC Universe, including not only Connor Hawke, but the entire Batman family.

One of my all time favorite comics, Nightwing #23, takes place during this story line.  It features versions of most of my favorite characters by my favorite artist, Scott McDaniel. In the story, our heroes split up to look for the parts of the Brotherhood who are hiding in Gotham.

Then this happens:


My favorite hero, drawn in a cool pose by my favorite artist, sings a line from my favorite band, the Monkees.  Unexpected perfection! A big thank you to one of my favorite writers, Chuck Dixon, for throwing this moment in the middle of the action.

Pint Size Heroes: Captain America and the Red Skull


Funko produces subscription boxes with exclusive content for various interests, including Marvel. Their last box featured the first Pint Size Heroes in any of the boxes, Captain America and the Red Skull. Cap comes with his WWII triangular shield. Red Skull comes with a scowl.

Unfortunately, I’m not a subscriber. So I contacted a comic shop and asked the owner if they sold the contents of the box separately. He told me that he didn’t, and that was that.

Then a few days later, the comic shop owner contacted me to say that someone came in and sold him both Cap and the Red Skull, which he then sold to me. Score!


Mighty Minis: Beast Boy


When I first saw the new blind bag Teen Titans Go figures, I passed. ¬†With the over-sized heads and oddly proportioned bodies, the figures are in a completely different style from the Mighty Minis figures I’ve been collecting, and I didn’t want to start collecting a new line.

Then I got a better look at the Beast Boy as Gorilla figure. ¬†The human Titans would have looked odd with the more normal Mighty Minis, but the simian proportions and angry face worked. ¬†Okay, it’s a bit of a stretch, but not that much of one. ¬†So now I have a Beast Boy (or Changeling, if you prefer) for my Mighty Minis collection.

For those of you who like to take the guess work out of blind bags, there is a code on the back of the package.  The code ending in 06 is Beast Boy.

The Lego Batman Movie: Dick Grayson


I am approaching The Lego Batman Movie with a bit of trepidation. I love Will Arnett’s version of Batman. ¬†I am amazed at how many Z-list villains appear in this movie (Condiment King! Really?). ¬†And Billy Dee Williams finally gets to be Two-Face.

But then there’s my favorite character of all time, Dick Grayson. ¬†This movie’s take is very, very different and more than a bit silly. ¬†And somehow, his over-the-top optimistic outlook is endearing.

I picked up the Dick Grayson Lego figure from the movie’s blind bag series. ¬†He comes with the infamous Bat Shark Repellent from the ’66 movie. ¬†Actually, the L-shaped yellow handle is pretty easy to feel through the blind bag, so it’s easy to figure out which package has this figure.

The great thing about the Batman Family is that they work in so many radically different interpretations. And since so many versions have been so dark, I’m looking forward a new version that isn’t afraid to poke fun at itself.

Pint Size Heroes: Peanut Butter Batman

Many decades ago in an old Batman comic (see Detective Comics #241), Dick Grayson publicly hurt his arm. Batman was concerned that if Robin appeared in public with the same injury, then both their secret identities might be compromised. So, Batman wore a different colored costume each night until Robin healed. ¬†He knew that people would be so distracted by his cleverly colored costumes that no one would notice Robin’s injury. No, really. Check for yourself.

Funko has been releasing the variously hued Batmen across their product lines, and now it is the Pint Size Heroes’ turn.


This Batman is part of a Wal-Mart Mystery Box and is actually the only mysterious thing in the box – you get one figure per box and it could be any of the colors. ¬†The other items in the box don’t vary.

I finally found a Mystery Box and am very happy with my wacky-colored Batman. ¬†I actually think he’s the color of peanut butter (creamy, of course) which is one of my favorite foods. ¬†It makes me chuckle to call him Peanut Butter Batman. ¬†And yes, I am actively trying to get out more.