The Winter Soldier: Marvel 500 and Hot Wheels

After seeing Captain America: Civil War this week, I was fortunate to find a few items featuring one of the main characters, The Winter Soldier.

First up is the series 4 Marvel 500 Winter Soldier.  I am assuming the transparent figure is supposed to represent his stealth abilities. I did have to repaint the mask though; the figure’s original mask had apparently slipped off its eyes on to its nose.


I also picked up the Winter Soldier car from the Wal-Mart exclusive Captain America Hot Wheels set. The card art is from a comic book cover and is quite striking.



Here’s the Winter Soldier car with another muscle car based on the similarly costumed New Goblin from the Spider-Man 3 movie.


My Winter Soldier collection including a custom Winter Soldier Fighter Pod and a custom movie Winter Soldier as Captain America heroclix


Marvel 500: Ant-man!

A few days ago I posted about finding a few packs of Marvel 500 Series 4 but not finding Ant-man.  I found some more the other day and was able to pick up Ant-Man and the red Hulkbuster (there’s also a green Hulkbuster in this set).

500 Antman HkB

This version of Ant-man features a costume similar to the movie one (as opposed to the comic uniform featured in Series 3).  Most of the characters in this set are also featured in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie.


The Hulkbuster figure is also close to scale with Heroclix, which is great since I never picked up an official movie Hulkbuster Heroclix.




Marvel 500: Not Ant-man

Just today I was wondering if there were any more series of Marvel 500 coming.  I had seen tubes of figures at Wal-Mart with at least one new figure, the Vision, so I assumed there might be at least one more set.  Then I happily stumbled on to two packs of Series 4 today at the local Target.

M500 Wrapper

I picked up one pack hoping to get Ant-man.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get Ant-man but a cool blue “Stark Armor” Iron Man instead.

Marvel 500 IM

Here’s the checklist that came with Iron Man.  Not surprisingly, the set features many comic book versions of characters from the new Captain America: Civil War movie.  Most of the figures appear to be repaints from previous series, but there are some cool new figures including 2 Hulkbusters and Arnim Zola.  I will probably pick up Ant-Man, the Red Hulkbuster, and Hawkeye.

Marvel 500 4 Checklist

Marvel 500: The Winter Soldier

I stumbled across Series 3 of the Marvel 500 line the other day at a local Toys R Us and I picked up the variant Winter Soldier figure.  There is also a version in blue and brown (which I assume is the “normal” figure since the coloring matches the artwork on the packaging).


These figures are basically Army men with no articulation.  I enjoy the minimalist design.  There are fifteen unique figures in this line with 17 different characters plus 7 repainted characters.  While the Cap below is from Series 1, there is a new Captain America in this line as well.

For those (like me) who only want specific figures in the line, there is a small hole in the package that you can use to see which figure in each package.  The case the packages come in also has a picture of every figure in the line.

Marvel 500: Captain America

Hasbro has a new toy line called Marvel 500.  The figures are basically glorified army men with no articulation and a sparse paint job.  Series 1-3 were previewed at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.  These are blind bag figures; the same sculpt is used multiple times sometimes as different characters.

Marvel 500 Captain America

Marvel 500 Captain America

I picked up this version of Captain America because I liked the minimal design. It’s a secondary costume used when Captain America was no longer using the Captain America name.  It’s also very similar to the costume worn in the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

There is another version of this figure with the more traditional red and blue costume with the face painted.