DC Fighter Pods Series 1: Captain Cold

I realized that I hadn’t made any customs from the superhero genre for awhile.  I had just caught up on the DC Universe shows on Netflix, and decided to make a Leonard Snart (Captain Cold) custom based on version of the character in those shows.


I was never a fan of Captain Cold in the comics but I like Wentworth Miller’s portrayal of him.  The figure itself was made from parts leftover from other customs.  The head came from a Hoth Han Solo, the body from a Star Trek Ayel, and the legs from Star Trek Scotty. Lastly, Jango Fett donated his gun to be used as Snart’s weapon of choice.

DC Fighter Pods Series 1: Slade

My favorite villain is Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke the Terminator.  He has been a villain (and sometimes a hero) with significant roles in the Titans, Batman, and DC mythos, not the least of which includes playing a major role in the creation of Nightwing.



I decided to go with the maskless version (thanks to the Star Wars Series IV Captain Typho) and an amalgamation of the body armor used in various recent versions of the character. I also used a Series II Commander Neyo and a Star Trek Series I Ayel. Since Fighter Pods were directed at younger kids, I decided to go with the Slade name.  I guess Deathstroke the Terminator sounds a bit violent for the little folk.

Recommended Slade reading.  This is not a comprehensive list – just some great stories.

The New Teen Titans #44: The origin of Deathstroke and the first appearance of Nightwing.

Deathstroke The Terminator #13 (Vol 1): Slade takes out Aquaman, Green Lantern and the Flash.

Nightwing #80-82: Slade is hired to kill the police chief of Bludhaven, who just happens to be a close personal friend of Nightwing.  How Nightwing stops him is one of the most original endings I’ve read.

Batman #647: Part of the Under the Red Hood story.  Deathstroke tries to recruit the Black Mask into the super villain organization, the Society.  He brings an odd grouping of villains that give Batman and the Red Hood a run for their money.

Superman/Batman Annual #1 (2006): Batman and Superman face their Earth-Two counterparts.  Deathstroke crashes the party…until he meets his own counterpart who looks suspiciously like a certain red and black merc with a mouth from another publisher.

Green Arrow #75 (2007): On a vendetta against Green Arrow, Deathstroke takes on the entire Justice League by detonating a bomb designed to counter the individual member’s powers (kryptonite included).

DC Fighter Pods: Series 1

Fighter Pods, my favorite toy line ever, did Star Wars.  They did Star Trek.  They did Marvel.  They even did Despicable Me (really).  But alas, no DC characters.  So I had to make my own.  And what better character to start with than my favorite, Nightwing.  I will be posting more DC characters too.



Nightwing was made from a Series 1 Luke.  It’s just a repaint with the lightsaber cut in two and used as escrima sticks.

Nightwing and Series 1 Luke

Nightwing and Series 1 Luke