Mighty Minis: Nightwing

A few months back, I posted the newly found Red Robin mini. Included with the figure was a checklist that showed Series 3 and Series 4 with three figures and three vehicles per series.

Imagine how surprised I was to find a different series 3 containing only the six figures and no vehicles at my local Wal-Mart. Here are a few pictures of the small case holding the blind bags.



I guess Wal-Mart decided they didn’t want the vehicles and ordered their own version of Series 3.  It does also explain the art on the big display I recently found as well.


I picked up Nightwing and Batman Polar (as he’s referred to in the checklist).  Both are repaints of earlier figures. Their codes (an embossed code on the bottom back of the bag) are listed below.  I am assuming the codes for Batman, Red Robin, and Clayface are the same as those posted on actionfigureinsider.com since the codes on these blind bags match those of the other Series 3.  There was also a figure with an “I” code that felt bigger than the others.  I am assuming it is Killer Croc, but I didn’t buy that one.

A: Batman
B: Red Robin
C: Clayface
G: Batman Polar
H: Nightwing
I: Killer Croc

I have been eagerly anticipating this Nightwing since a promo photo surfaced earlier this year.  It’s just a repaint of the Series 1 Robin, with the exact same head, but it features the unique color scheme from the Batman Unlimited movies.  While Nightwing’s uniforms have used both blue and red separately before, this is the first time they’ve been used together, and I like the look.


And Mattel, since I apparently will keep buying repaints of the various Robins, maybe next time you can take the ears off the Batman Beyond head, put it on the Robin body, and give us a Red Hood?  You could also use the Robin head on a Batman body and give us the Riddler. Just a few suggestions…



Mighty Minis Display


I was surprised to see this large display in the check out aisle of Wal-Mart.  I assumed that it would be full of Series 3 and Series 4 and that maybe I’d finally get my Nightwing.  Unfortunately, it was full of Series 2 figures.  But, at least series 4 is apparently on its way, and this display is a nice preview.  Ironically, the photos of these small figures are about the size of the 12″ figures being sold in the toy aisle.

Batman Unlimited Mighty Minis: Chemo


So apparently, at some point in the DC comic book universe, this conversation happened:

Person 1: Where are we going to store all our toxic waste?

Person 2: I know!  Why don’t we dump it into a giant, vaguely humanoid, clear construct!

Person 1: Do you think the combined toxic chemicals could somehow give this construct a limited intelligence so that it couldn’t really think but would want rampage through cities spewing toxic waste?

Both: NAH!!!!

And thus was born Chemo…


I’m not sure how a giant-sized character ended up in mini-figure format but I like the irony.  And he’s not really a Batman villain so it’s odd that he’s in Series 2 (unless he’s in an upcoming Batman Unlimited movie).  That said, it’s just a cool figure.  And I’m pretty sure the heroes would rather fight this version than the normal Godzilla-sized version.


And he works well better scale-wise with Heroclix and Fighter Pods.


The rest of series two (along with codes) are:

C = Armor Batman
D = Polar Batman
W = Mr. Freeze
X = Bane
Y = Chemo
Z = The Joker

Thanks to Joe over at actionfigureinsider.com  Mighty Minis forum for the codes!

While looking for pictures of Series 2, I stumbled on to some pictures of what I am assuming is series 3.  There’s a small picture at toolfetch.com with Nightwing, Red Robin, and three Batman repaints plus two more I think are Clayface and Killer Croc. They seem to come with vehicles.

I bound better pictures of Nightwing, Red Robin, and one of the Batman repaints at toyworld.co.nz.


picture from toyworld.co.uz

Batman Unlimited Mighty Minis

Mattel has released a new blind bag series based on the Batman Unlimited toy line.  So far these have shown up at 5 Below and Toys R Us for about $3 a pop.  The line includes a blue/grey costume Batman, a black costume Batman (without a cape), Robin, Cyborg, Flash, and Green Arrow.  There’s also a mystery figure which turned out to be a partially translucent Batman Beyond.  I recently picked up Robin, Cyborg, and Batman Beyond.


These small figures come disassembled (head and torso, legs, and arms), so be careful when you open the bag.  The selling point is that you can combine different figures to make new ones.


As they did with the Imaginext series, Mattel put a small embossed code on the bottom of the back of the package that lets you know which figure is in the package. Only the last letter is the identifier. Here’s the list so far (thanks to the posters over at www.actionfigureinsider.com).

A: Batman (blue and grey costume)
B: Batman Beyond
E: Robin
F: Green Arrow
G: Flash
H: Cyborg

The code for the black costume Batman is unknown at this time, although it’s safe to say that it’s either C or D.

Here’s a picture with Imaginext, Heroclix and (custom) Fighter Pod versions of Robin for scale.