Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas to all!


Star Wars The Last Jedi Micro Force (Fighter Pods): BB-9E

So today’s the big day and The Last Jedi finally opens! Does Luke take the lightsaber from Rey and go back to fight the First Order? Does Finn survive?  How many more X-Wings does Poe get, and will they have custom paint jobs too? What in the world is a Porg?  All these questions will be answered as well as…who is BB-9E?


As popular as BB-8 became after The Force Awakens, it was inevitable that more of these rolling droids would show up, and that not all of them would be so friendly.

I know nothing about BB-9E other than he is supposedly bad (Director Rian Johnson referred to him as BB-H8 during the filming). But, since I had made a BB-8, I had to make his counterpart (arch-nemesis?) as well. BB-9E was made from clay with the tip of a toothpick for the antenna.



Star Wars: The Last Jedi Micro Force (Fighter Pods) Executioner Trooper

So, never dreaming that Hasbro would actually start making Fighter Pods (now called Micro Force) again, I started making a few figures from the new movie, The Last Jedi.  Although I obviously haven’t seen the movie yet, a few designs peaked my interest. The first is the Executioner Trooper.


I realize this is just a modified First Order Stormtrooper design, but it still intrigued me, so I had to make one.

Since I have made a few First Order Stormtroopers before, I wanted this new guy to have a different pose.  I used a Clone Trooper base with a Stormtrooper head with a new hand to hold the weapon.  The weapon is made out of clay. The energy spikes were made with super glue gel with a light blue paint wash.


Star Trek on Quidd

Quidd is an app that lets you download and trade digital 3D figures, stickers, emojis, and trading cards from various licenses. There’s a full version for Apple phones and a beta version for Android phones.  The app gives you 4,000 coins every three hours that you can use to purchase these items, and you can also buy more coins with actual money. So far I’ve done quite well on the free coins and haven’t actually purchased any coins.

What sucked me in to Quidd is that they have a deal with Funko so you can get digital versions of many different Funko Pop! vinyl figures.  By far, the Star Trek figures are my favorite.  Not only do they have digital versions of figures released in the real world, but they also have never before made figures from Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and even Enterprise!  As someone who loves Pops but can’t afford to buy or store all the ones I want, Quidd is a great alternative.

Here are some (but not all) of the figures available so far.






Hasbro, Here Are Some Micro Force Ideas

Hasbro is bringing back Fighter Pods with the new name Micro Force.  Since I am the internet’s leading Fighter Pod customizer (largely because I’m probably the internet’s only Fighter Pod, excuse me, Micro Force customizer), here’s all of my posted Micro Force customs in one spot.  (And yes, I did say “posted”.  I do have a few surprises left for this year).

Again, thanks to Hasbro and Andy Ochiltree, Hasbro’s senior manager of Global Brand Marketing, for bringing this line back.  I can’t say how excited I am to get new figures in this style!


Here’s a group shot:



Here are some bigger images that are a little better to see.  The first group is figures from the Prequel era up through the original trilogy.


Back row left to right: Two ARC troopers, Goofy as Darth Vader, Dak Ralter, Chirrut Imwe

Front row left to right: Clone Trooper Able (from the Dark Horse Star Wars comics), a Rodian Jedi, C-3PO, and Hoth Luke


And here are figures from the current trilogy:


Back row left to right: Poe Dameron, Snap Wexley, Captain Phasma, and a bunch of First Order Stormtroopers (can’t have just one).

Front row left to right: Luke (based on Phil Noto fan art), C-3PO, BB-8, Rey, Finn, Chewie, Han, and Finn as FN-2187.

Now if we just had some figures from The Last Jedi.  Did I say something about not posting all the figures I’ve done so far…






I loved Fighter Pods when they came out years ago.  Finally, there was a Star Wars line I could actually afford to buy and store tons and tons of characters.  Then, about 5 years ago, after four series of figures, the line ended.  I’ve been making custom Fighter Pods ever since.

So I was amazed (and am still in a little disbelief) when I read an article on about a new toy line called Micro Force and realized…these are Fighter Pods!! The first wave, due in December, features blind bags with 2 previously released figures.  But the second wave has all new figures from Rogue One and The Force Awakens along with some old figures!!!!!  Thank you Hasbro!!!!!!!!!!


I can’t believe they are back!  I am so excited I can barely contain myself.  My brain has already started a list of characters I want them to make (Old Luke, Poe, Chirrut, K-2SO, Snap Wexley, Unkar Plutt, Jess Pava…).

This go around, the series consists solely of blind bags, and the figure count is lower.  Hopefully, these changes will allow the line to last a long time.

I will definitely be picking up the first series, if for no other reason that to help ensure the second series comes out.  Besides, my parts reserves for customs is getting dangerously low, and I never did pick up a C-3PO.



Bananas for Star Wars?

I know there is a huge marketing push for the new Star Wars movie, but I wasn’t expecting to see it on my bananas. Really, I shouldn’t be surprised.  I’ve seen stickers for other Disney movies on them before.  But Star Wars really surprised me.


The part that surprises me the most it that I am excited to see them there. I’m an adult who is getting a little extra smile on my face because R2-D2 is staring back at me from my breakfast.  And sometimes, a little extra smile is just what we all need.