The Monkees Top 10 Songs: 10-6


This year is the 50th anniversary of the Monkees debut.  One of the reasons I think they have lasted this long is that the Monkees are just plain fun. Something about listening to their music (even the serious songs) and watching their shows makes a person (well, me at least), feel better.

This Top 10 list was compiled through an exhaustive search of…my opinions.  Seriously, if you like the Monkees, you’ve probably heard most of these songs but maybe you’ll find something new in the mix.  And if you’re new to the Monkees, take a listen and see what you think.


10. The Birth of an Accidental Hipster

Taken from the Monkees’ newest album, Good Times, released earlier this year, this song is written by Noel Gallagher (of Oasis fame) and Paul Weller.  It’s a different sound for the Monkees, but the duet between Mike Nesmith and Micky Dolenz is captivating.  BTW, this video is fan made using footage from the 60’s TV show.

I’m heading out in the sunshine, baby…


9. That Was Then, This Is Now

After rocketing to fame and then back to relative obscurity in the 60’s, the Monkees had a huge resurgence in the 80’s thanks to MTV and Nickelodeon airing their show.  Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork recorded a few new songs (including this one) to be added to a new greatest hits album. This song sounds modern and yet keep the Monkees flavor.


8. Sunny Girlfriend

This Mike Nesmith tune seems to suggest that not everything is so sunny about this girlfriend.  It is catchy and fun to sing though.


7. Someday Man

Towards the end of the original 60’s Monkeemania, this Davy Jones tune was released as a single with “Listen to the Band” as the B side.  While “Listen to the Band” actually did better on the charts, I’ve always been partial to this carefree song.

6. (I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone

In the original show, each episode featured a “romp”, which is basically a precursor to the music video.  The Monkees later became unlikely role models for the punk movement for standing up to the record corporation in order to control their own musical destiny.  The Sex Pistols even released their own version of “Steppin’ Stone”.

Check back soon for songs 1-5!


WOMPS Music: The Monkees Bring Good Times


The Monkees are celebrating their 50th anniversary with a new album, Good Times!  It features music not only written by the Monkees themselves but also by some of their favorites 60’s songwriters (Neil Diamond and Carol King, to name a few) as well as more contemporary songwriters (Andy Partridge of XTC, River Cuomo from Weezer, Noel Gallagher from Oasis, and more).

And while there’s a lot on this album of significance for Monkees fans, the most significant fact is that it’s a great album.  Whether or not you’ve ever heard of the Monkees, Neil Diamond, or River Cuomo, you can still appreciate this fun album.

The Monkees are best known for their catchy pop songs, and this album has plenty.  A good example is “You Bring The Summer”, written by XTC’s Andy Partridge, who, in his quirky style, writes a summer song that takes place in winter.

But the Monkees also have deeper tracks where they stray from the pop sound, and they do so on Good Times! as well.  Take a listen to Noel Gallagher’s and Paul Weller’s “Birth of an Accidental Hipster”.

Each Monkee puts in some amazing vocal work.  Micky Dolenz shoulders most of the pop songs, and demonstrates that age has not taken away his range.  Peter Tork, who sang lead on the least amount of Monkees songs back in the 60’s, offers some of his best vocal work to date.  Mike Nesmith offers a startlingly sparse arrangement of his song “I Know What I Know”, in which his voice seems both strong and frail at the same time.  Davy Jones is also featured on this album despite his passing in 2012, due to vocal tracks unearthed for the Neil Diamond song “Love to Love”.

The album also comes with a fun little sticker sheet  featuring items from their show.


I won’t do a song by song review here, but would urge you to listen to the album (it’s on YouTube here) and judge for yourself.


That Was Then, This Is Now

Ironically, Davy Jones, who passed away in 2012, may have predicted this album in 1969, with the song “Looking For The Good Times” from the album, The Monkees Present. Davy, your bandmates found the Good Times for you.




Fighter Pods: The Monkees?

Yes, I made half of the Monkees as Fighter Pods.  They have always been one of my favorite bands.  While they often are dismissed as fluff music or as pre-fabricated, their music and their show has stood the test of time.  And to be honest, they are just plain fun.  Since Fighter Pods are just plain fun, it seemed like a good mix.

The Monkees

Micky Dolenz and Mike Nesmith: The Monkees

I made Mike Nesmith out of a Series III Han Solo (with electric tape for the hat and tin foil for the ball on top) and Mickey Dolenz out of a Series I Luke.  I got the idea when I noticed both figures were wearing shirts with the collar folded down just like the Monkees shirts.  I haven’t figured out how to make Davy and Peter yet.

Hey Hey We're The...Guys from Star Wars?

Hey Hey We’re The…Guys from Star Wars?