Imaginext: Godzilla Suit

Imaginext has its own blind bag series and I pick up a few as the fancy hits me.  Series 6 features a Godzilla-esque character.

Imaginext Dragon 1

The figure comes with a headpiece that mimics a Godzilla head.  Without the head, the figure looks like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cosplay.  One nice touch is that when the headpiece is on, the red visor looks like the inside of the dragon’s mouth.

One nice aspect of Imaginext blind bags is that there is an identifying code on each packet. Godzilla’s code is 00.

This line has had some wonderfully wacky characters over six series, and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s coming in the future.



Imaginext Red Hood and Batman Beyond

For a few days, the Fisher Price website had pictures of figures for an Imaginext blind bag Batman series (you can see them at  For some reason, the pictures are no longer on the FP site.  But it reminded me of some Imaginext customs I had made, so here they are.

The Red Hood (from before the new 52 reboot) was made from a blind bag punk rocker, and Batman Beyond is a simple Batman repaint.

The Red Hood and Batman Beyond

The Red Hood and Batman Beyond


The Batman Family, Imaginext style

The Batman Family, Imaginext style