Pint Size Heroes: Spider-man Homecoming Set

While this set from the new Spider-man Homecoming movie hasn’t shown up locally for me yet, I did find it at Toys R Us while out of town.  Instead of the normal blind bags, this set comes in two three packs.  One pack comes with Spider-man and the Vulture with Tony Stark as the mystery figure.  The other comes with Iron Man and Homemade Suit Spider-man with Peter Parker as the mystery figure. Each pack was $9.99, which actually makes each figure $1 less than the normal blind bag price.


I am amazed at the amount of detail on these figures.  From the detail sculpted into the Vulture’s and Iron Man’s helmets down to Peter’s back pack and the webbing on Spider-man’s costume, Funko has packed a ton of detail into a pint of a package (insert “That was a horrible joke” groan here).  My favorite though is Tony Stark. The sunglasses, the goatee, and the kitten T-shirt all capture that Robert Downey, Jr. persona.



Pint Size Heroes: Captain America and the Red Skull


Funko produces subscription boxes with exclusive content for various interests, including Marvel. Their last box featured the first Pint Size Heroes in any of the boxes, Captain America and the Red Skull. Cap comes with his WWII triangular shield. Red Skull comes with a scowl.

Unfortunately, I’m not a subscriber. So I contacted a comic shop and asked the owner if they sold the contents of the box separately. He told me that he didn’t, and that was that.

Then a few days later, the comic shop owner contacted me to say that someone came in and sold him both Cap and the Red Skull, which he then sold to me. Score!


Custom Pint Size Heroes: Agent Coulson


I’ve really been enjoying Funko’s new Pint Size Heroes figures. So I decided to make one from scratch. The PSH figures have a simplified figure that I thought my meager but budding sculpting skills could actually replicate.

I decided on Agent Coulson because he’s one of my favorite characters, and he has a fairly simple design. He’s seen here with his trademark sunglasses, a communication earpiece, and his Theta Protoc0l lanyard (given to him by Agent Sam Koenig).  Maybe I need to make an Agent Koenig PSH so he can make sure my PSH collection is secure and that they all have lanyards.  At least those that deserve a lanyard.  Riddler, Two-Face, don’t get your hopes up.



Pint Size Heroes: Peanut Butter Batman

Many decades ago in an old Batman comic (see Detective Comics #241), Dick Grayson publicly hurt his arm. Batman was concerned that if Robin appeared in public with the same injury, then both their secret identities might be compromised. So, Batman wore a different colored costume each night until Robin healed.  He knew that people would be so distracted by his cleverly colored costumes that no one would notice Robin’s injury. No, really. Check for yourself.

Funko has been releasing the variously hued Batmen across their product lines, and now it is the Pint Size Heroes’ turn.


This Batman is part of a Wal-Mart Mystery Box and is actually the only mysterious thing in the box – you get one figure per box and it could be any of the colors.  The other items in the box don’t vary.

I finally found a Mystery Box and am very happy with my wacky-colored Batman.  I actually think he’s the color of peanut butter (creamy, of course) which is one of my favorite foods.  It makes me chuckle to call him Peanut Butter Batman.  And yes, I am actively trying to get out more.