DC Fighter Pods Series 1: Captain Cold

I realized that I hadn’t made any customs from the superhero genre for awhile.  I had just caught up on the DC Universe shows on Netflix, and decided to make a Leonard Snart (Captain Cold) custom based on version of the character in those shows.


I was never a fan of Captain Cold in the comics but I like Wentworth Miller’s portrayal of him.  The figure itself was made from parts leftover from other customs.  The head came from a Hoth Han Solo, the body from a Star Trek Ayel, and the legs from Star Trek Scotty. Lastly, Jango Fett donated his gun to be used as Snart’s weapon of choice.

Happy Meal: The Robin Mobile

McDonald’s currently has a line of super hero-themed Hot Wheel cars.  I’ve picked up a few Happy Meal Batmobiles in the past because they are great props for so many different toy lines. Now it was Robin’s turn. This set featured a Robin car with a special ability: it has a special wheel that lets it go forward, backwards, and turn.

It fits nicely with both Fighter Pods and Heroclix.