Black Lightning

With the new Black Lighting series on the CW, the general public is getting a taste of a character who’s been one of my favorites for years.

A while back I found issue #5 of the 1990’s Black Lightning series in the 50 cent bin of a comic shop.  I picked it up and was entranced.  This comic has become one of my all-time favorites.  Jefferson Pierce, better known as Black Lightning, struggles what it means to be a hero, and how that definition doesn’t always include powers and costumes.  This issue also has a unique art style, with current day images in a black and white charcoal, and the past in color.  I definitely recommend checking it out.


Black Lightning #5 with other great Black Lightning stories: DCU Holiday Bash II, Justice League #27, and Outsiders Annual #1

l’ve also collected some great Black Lightning figures as well over the years.


Back row: Total Justice Black Lightning, Infinite Heroes Black Lightning
Front row: Heroclix Black Lightning, Custom Heroclix Jefferson Pierce, Custom Heroclix Black Lightning, Heroclix LE Jefferson Pierce, and Brave and Bold Action League Black Lightning

Custom Heroclix: Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke The Terminator

I’ve mentioned before that Slade is my all-time favorite villain. I decided to do a more realistic, or “movie” based version of the character.  While both the Arrow TV show and the Arkham Asylum video games have done just that, their designs heavily involved body armor.  While it looks cool, I think the character would lose mobility in all that armor. A mercenary so good he doesn’t care who knows he’s blind in one eye probably doesn’t need all that armor.

Also, I wanted to simplify the color scheme and distill the design down to its most elemental parts. The one element that remains in every version of Slade is the half black, half orange mask, so I decided to keep just that and make everything else black.


This figure was made from the Captain America half of the Winter Soldier movie Cap and Black Widow duo figure with arms from an Avengers 2 Test Subject.  A few Fighter Pods were kind enough to donate the weaponry.


The Winter Soldier: Marvel 500 and Hot Wheels

After seeing Captain America: Civil War this week, I was fortunate to find a few items featuring one of the main characters, The Winter Soldier.

First up is the series 4 Marvel 500 Winter Soldier.  I am assuming the transparent figure is supposed to represent his stealth abilities. I did have to repaint the mask though; the figure’s original mask had apparently slipped off its eyes on to its nose.


I also picked up the Winter Soldier car from the Wal-Mart exclusive Captain America Hot Wheels set. The card art is from a comic book cover and is quite striking.



Here’s the Winter Soldier car with another muscle car based on the similarly costumed New Goblin from the Spider-Man 3 movie.


My Winter Soldier collection including a custom Winter Soldier Fighter Pod and a custom movie Winter Soldier as Captain America heroclix


Custom Heroclix: Bruce Banner, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D?

I was looking at my display of my favorite Marvel movie clix and realized they’d make a great black ops/stealth team…with one exception.  The Hulk is  a lot of great things, but stealthy isn’t one of them. I started thinking of how Banner could be a big help in the field just as himself and not as the Hulk.


I gave him mostly black fatigues with green and purple accents.  I knew Banner would need scientific gear in the field and gave him a large diagnostic tool and backpack.  The tool would also continuously pump a mild sedative into Banner to help keep him calm.


This version of Banner was made from an Ultimate Hawkeye head with clay and super-glue gel for the hair, a Mr Terrific torso and arms, a Black Lightning right hand, and Avengers 2 Hydra Soldier legs.  The diagnostic tool is a Klingon disruptor from a Fighter Pod, and the backpack comes from a Fighter Pod Sandtrooper.  The first Black Manta clix contributed the wire from the tool to the backpack.

Now you don’t have to choose between just Team Cap or Team Iron Man.  You can choose Team Coulson, now complete with it’s own scientific genius!


This picture also contains my custom Ant-Man and custom Days of Future Past movie Wolverine.  I know this version of Nightcrawler is not a movie version, but since this uniform was inspired by the movie X-Men uniforms, I figured it was close enough.


Custom Heroclix: Movie Spider-man

With the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie, there’s hope that this new Marvel movie-verse Spider-man will show up in the accompanying Heroclix set.  He’s not in the hobby-shop set, so hopefully he will show up in the Target set.


This clix doesn’t really qualify as a true custom.  It was actually a Heroclix-sized topper for a lollipop that came out with Spider-man 3.  I just glued in on to a Spider-man base.


Heroclix: Captain America: Civil War

The new Heroclix set based on the Captain America: Civil War movie came out today.  There are two sets: one for hobby-based shops and one for the mass market (usually Target).  There are six figures common to both sets and 4 exclusive to each.  The hobby-based set is out; the Target set hasn’t shown up yet.

I picked up four packs and pulled two commons (Black Widow and Hawkeye) and two exclusives (Giant-man and the Winter Soldier).


These figures are very high quality with very detailed faces.  Giant-man even has the texture of his costume sculpted into the figure.

Here’s the new Winter Soldier along with the figure from the eponymous set as well as a custom I made of Bucky taking over the Cap mantle.


Giant man along with the custom Ant-man I made


The Black Widow clix from The Winter Soldier set, the Avengers: Age of Ultron set, and the Civil War set


The Hawkeye clix from the Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Civil War sets



Heroclix Custom: The Condiment King

Yes.  The Condiment King.  This is an actual DC Character.  Really.

When I saw that the new World’s Finest Heroclix set actually has a Condiment King clix, I decided to post the custom I made years ago.


To call The Condiment King a D-list Batman villain would be kind.  Whereas most of Batman’s villains are fixated on jokes, riddles, cats, or even waterless fowl, this guy fixated on condiments.  Really.

One of my favorite comics is Birds of Prey #37.    In it, Robin, Blue Beetle, and Black Canary are rounding up The Condiment King, the last of villains who had been infected by the Joker Toxin (see The Joker: The Last Laugh storyline). Without giving away the story, the issue features some great character interactions as well as an interesting take on Batman’s rogues.  And most of all, it’s just plain fun.  Thanks to writer Chuck Dixon!


The Condiment King was made from a Pyro clix with the gun and belt pouches from a HDC Trooper.