Star Wars Micro Force

A few years back, Disney bought Lucasfilm and announced that there would be new Star Wars movies.  A little while later, on their 50th anniversary, the Monkees released a new (and really good) album, Good Times.  Now, Hasbro has brought back Fighter Pods, my favorite toy line ever, under the new name Micro Force.  Life is good.

The first series (available now) is made of previously released figures.  I was happy to see that they included C-3PO, since I hadn’t picked one up the first time around.

There are paint differences between the Fighter Pod and Micro Force versions of the figures (especially in the case of Ahsoka).  While I am excited about these figures, I’m practically ecstatic about the completely new figures coming in wave 2, which feature Rey, Jyn Erso, Finn, BB-8, Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma, and a Death Trooper.  I look forward to seeing if these figures (and future waves) are previewed at next month’s Toy Fair. Thanks again Hasbro!!

For those who keep track of such things, Threepio and Han came in one pack, and Ahsoka and the Stormtrooper came in another.


Custom Force Awakens Threepio, Custom A New Hope Threepio, the new Micro Force Threepio, and multiple repaints of Threepio from the previous lines



Fighter Pods Han Solo and Micro Force Han Solo



Fighter Pods Ahsoka and Micro Force Ahsoka


Fighter Pods Stormtrooper and Micro Force Stormtrooper



Black Lightning

With the new Black Lighting series on the CW, the general public is getting a taste of a character who’s been one of my favorites for years.

A while back I found issue #5 of the 1990’s Black Lightning series in the 50 cent bin of a comic shop.  I picked it up and was entranced.  This comic has become one of my all-time favorites.  Jefferson Pierce, better known as Black Lightning, struggles what it means to be a hero, and how that definition doesn’t always include powers and costumes.  This issue also has a unique art style, with current day images in a black and white charcoal, and the past in color.  I definitely recommend checking it out.


Black Lightning #5 with other great Black Lightning stories: DCU Holiday Bash II, Justice League #27, and Outsiders Annual #1

l’ve also collected some great Black Lightning figures as well over the years.


Back row: Total Justice Black Lightning, Infinite Heroes Black Lightning
Front row: Heroclix Black Lightning, Custom Heroclix Jefferson Pierce, Custom Heroclix Black Lightning, Heroclix LE Jefferson Pierce, and Brave and Bold Action League Black Lightning