Star Trek Fighter Pods: Krull


I finally got around to making Krull, the villain from the latest Star Trek film, Star Trek Beyond.  While he takes many forms in this movie, I decided to go with the one from the end of the movie.

He is made from a Lt. Yeorg body and a Padawan Obi-Wan head with super glue gel for his head ridges.



Funko, makers of Pop! Vinyls, Pint Size Heroes, and more, won the 2017 Toy Industry Association Collectible of the Year and People’s Choice Award. As a thank you, they sent this exclusive glow in the dark Freddy Funko to 5000 of the voters.  I was one of the fortunate 5000.  I’ve never had a company send me one of their products for free as a thank you.  Thank you in return Funko!!

Here’s a link to the announcement of the award.

Custom Fighter Pods: Father Brown


You may be thinking, “Father who?”.  I was first introduced to Father Brown through the latest BBC series on Netflix.  Father Brown is a priest in 1950’s England who has a knack for solving crimes (much to the annoyance of the local constabulary).  While the show is based on short stories from writer/theologian G.K. Chesterton, it adds a supporting cast to the good Father, including a doting but gossipy church secretary, an adulterous member of the aristocracy, and a local ruffian who Father Brown takes under his wing.

Father Brown

One thing I enjoy about this show is that the characters are well-rounded.  No one is without fault, but no one is truly evil.  While Father Brown never lets a criminal off the hook, he also never gives up on the chance for redemption from God for these same people.  Justice may be served, but with true repentance, forgiveness can be also.

The Fighter Pod version is made from a McCoy head, a Klingon torso, legs from the Romulan Ayel, with an arm from the Padawan Anakin.  The hat and umbrella are made from clay, and the glasses (hard to see in this photo) are cut from plastic.