Pint Size Heroes with Spider-man DVDs


Saw this at my local Wal-Mart yesterday.  You can pick up the Tobey Macquire Spider-man movies packed with three Pint Size Heroes from the first Spider-man line (not the Spider-man Homecoming line).  I didn’t actually buy one of these sets, but the packaging tells exactly which PSH’s come with which DVD.  Here’s the breakdown according to the box:

Spider-man I: Spider-man (Normal), Venom, and Doctor Octopus
Spider-man II: Spider-man (Normal), Anti-Venom, Peter Parker
Spider-man III: Spider-man (Normal), Spider-Gwen, and the Miles Morales Spider-man

I do find it interesting that the characters don’t match the movies.  You’d think Doc Ock would come in Spider-man II and Venom would come with Spider-man III.  Each set was $14.96.



I was back and Wal-Mart today and saw another pack, this time featuring both Andrew Garfield Spider-Man movies.  It comes with the following PSHs: Spider-man (Normal), the Lizard, and the Green Goblin.  Finally, one of the packs comes with the villian from the movie!  I also forgot to mention that the Tobey Macquire packs also come with DVDs of the Spectacular Spider-man cartoon.


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