Custom Pint Size Heroes: Agent Coulson


I’ve really been enjoying Funko’s new Pint Size Heroes figures. So I decided to make one from scratch. The PSH figures have a simplified figure that I thought my meager but budding sculpting skills could actually replicate.

I decided on Agent Coulson because he’s one of my favorite characters, and he has a fairly simple design. He’s seen here with his trademark sunglasses, a communication earpiece, and his Theta Protoc0l lanyard (given to him by Agent Sam Koenig).  Maybe I need to make an Agent Koenig PSH so he can make sure my PSH collection is secure and that they all have lanyards.  At least those that deserve a lanyard.  Riddler, Two-Face, don’t get your hopes up.



Star Wars Fighter Pods Series 6: Chirrut Imwe


I really enjoyed Rogue One.  One of my favorite characters is Chirrut Imwe, played by Donnie Yen.  He’s a character who, while very wise and very dangerous, doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Spoilers coming next for those who haven’t seen the movie yet (Really?  It’s actually still in theaters.  Go see it and then come back to this post.  It’s okay, I’ll wait….

You saw it?  Great. Now I’ll finish up).

In his final scene, Chirrut does something I haven’t seen in Star Wars, or for that matter, any other action movie of note.  He knows what he has to do, is scared by it, and does it anyway while still being scared. He doesn’t put on a brave face, but he gets the job done.

There’s an old quote from John Wayne (who some would say is the epitome of a strong man): “Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway”.  Chirrut knew what was at stake, so he saddled up, but without false bravado.

Chirrut was made from a Star Wars Series 4 Anakin head with a Saesee Tin (also from Series 4) body.  The staff is made from lightsabers, and straps and equipment were made from electric tape. I followed Funko’s example and used light blue for his eyes (as they did with their Pop! figure).  However, they didn’t show up in the photo so I added them digitally.


Mighty Minis: Beast Boy


When I first saw the new blind bag Teen Titans Go figures, I passed.  With the over-sized heads and oddly proportioned bodies, the figures are in a completely different style from the Mighty Minis figures I’ve been collecting, and I didn’t want to start collecting a new line.

Then I got a better look at the Beast Boy as Gorilla figure.  The human Titans would have looked odd with the more normal Mighty Minis, but the simian proportions and angry face worked.  Okay, it’s a bit of a stretch, but not that much of one.  So now I have a Beast Boy (or Changeling, if you prefer) for my Mighty Minis collection.

For those of you who like to take the guess work out of blind bags, there is a code on the back of the package.  The code ending in 06 is Beast Boy.

The Lego Batman Movie: Dick Grayson


I am approaching The Lego Batman Movie with a bit of trepidation. I love Will Arnett’s version of Batman.  I am amazed at how many Z-list villains appear in this movie (Condiment King! Really?).  And Billy Dee Williams finally gets to be Two-Face.

But then there’s my favorite character of all time, Dick Grayson.  This movie’s take is very, very different and more than a bit silly.  And somehow, his over-the-top optimistic outlook is endearing.

I picked up the Dick Grayson Lego figure from the movie’s blind bag series.  He comes with the infamous Bat Shark Repellent from the ’66 movie.  Actually, the L-shaped yellow handle is pretty easy to feel through the blind bag, so it’s easy to figure out which package has this figure.

The great thing about the Batman Family is that they work in so many radically different interpretations. And since so many versions have been so dark, I’m looking forward a new version that isn’t afraid to poke fun at itself.

Marvel Fighter Pods: Agent Phil Coulson

I was going through my figures looking for parts for another custom and noticed that the Star Trek Scotty looked like Phil Coulson of Avengers and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D fame. Since he’s one of my all-time favorite characters, I had to make my own version.  He’s presented here with his Season 3 look, complete with robot hand and two icers.


Coulson was made from the aforementioned Scotty head, a Star Trek Grasia torso and legs, and a Star Wars Captain Rex arms and guns. His jacket is made from electric tape and clay.

I also recently stumbled across this old picture taken in my parking lot shortly after the release of the first Avengers movie and way before the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D show had been announced.  I was a fan of Coulson, but had no idea anyone else was at the time. Seeing this message written in the dirt of a parked SUV really surprised and amused me.



In true toy geek fashion, I’ve celebrated the Super Bowl the last few years by picking up a pack of Teeny Mates blind bag football figures. Each figure is the same pose (with a different pose each year) but has a specific team’s colors and logo. This year I got a Baltimore Raven and a New York Jet. These guys fit in nicely with my Fighter Pod collection.