Pint Size Heroes: Breaking the Mold

Funko posted another Batman Pint Size Hero short featuring my favorite Bat villain, The Riddler!

Funko, how about one with Nightwing?  Please!!

Mighty Minis: Justice League Action Robin

Along with the new Justice League Action cartoon comes a line of Mighty Minis.  I found the blind bags at Wal-Mart, and picked up the Robin figure. For those of you who keep track of codes so you know which figure is in which bag, Robin’s code is H.



Shadow Mission Robin (the official name of the figure) is more stylized than his Batman: Unlimited counterparts and has less detail, which mimics the stylized look of the cartoon. This figure is also transparent, hence the Shadow in the name.




Like the other Mighty Mini figures, he comes apart so you can mix and match to make new characters.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Robin in this line, since show producer Butch Lukic has been quoted as saying that no version of Robin would appear until at least Season 2.

Custom Heroclix: Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke The Terminator

I’ve mentioned before that Slade is my all-time favorite villain. I decided to do a more realistic, or “movie” based version of the character.  While both the Arrow TV show and the Arkham Asylum video games have done just that, their designs heavily involved body armor.  While it looks cool, I think the character would lose mobility in all that armor. A mercenary so good he doesn’t care who knows he’s blind in one eye probably doesn’t need all that armor.

Also, I wanted to simplify the color scheme and distill the design down to its most elemental parts. The one element that remains in every version of Slade is the half black, half orange mask, so I decided to keep just that and make everything else black.


This figure was made from the Captain America half of the Winter Soldier movie Cap and Black Widow duo figure with arms from an Avengers 2 Test Subject.  A few Fighter Pods were kind enough to donate the weaponry.


Pint Size Heroes: Peanut Butter Batman

Many decades ago in an old Batman comic (see Detective Comics #241), Dick Grayson publicly hurt his arm. Batman was concerned that if Robin appeared in public with the same injury, then both their secret identities might be compromised. So, Batman wore a different colored costume each night until Robin healed.  He knew that people would be so distracted by his cleverly colored costumes that no one would notice Robin’s injury. No, really. Check for yourself.

Funko has been releasing the variously hued Batmen across their product lines, and now it is the Pint Size Heroes’ turn.


This Batman is part of a Wal-Mart Mystery Box and is actually the only mysterious thing in the box – you get one figure per box and it could be any of the colors.  The other items in the box don’t vary.

I finally found a Mystery Box and am very happy with my wacky-colored Batman.  I actually think he’s the color of peanut butter (creamy, of course) which is one of my favorite foods.  It makes me chuckle to call him Peanut Butter Batman.  And yes, I am actively trying to get out more.