Before We Start the New One…

Instead of a long, involved, “here’s what 2016 meant to me”, here’s a photo of all the Fighter Pod customs from this year. I would like to the thank the over 4000 visitors to this site since it began about two years ago. Hope you enjoyed your visit.  Keep checking back because there’s more coming in 2017.


And here’s one last custom before the year ends.  This is Commander Edison P. Hewlett. He is one of Starfleet’s top engineers. He designed the current U.S.S. Kelvin (after the loss of the first ship to Nero) and later served as its chief engineer.  He is also one of Starfleet’s leading experts on the foundational technology, The Machine.  Commander Hewlett recently accepted an appointment at Starfleet Academy.


Okay, I made all that up.  He’s the main character in this year’s Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Star Trek Beyond commercial. He had no backstory, so I made one up.

Commander Hewlett is made from a Scotty head and a Series IV Luke body along with a phaser from Lt. Brian and electric tape for the shirt details.



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