Before We Start the New One…

Instead of a long, involved, “here’s what 2016 meant to me”, here’s a photo of all the Fighter Pod customs from this year. I would like to the thank the over 4000 visitors to this site since it began about two years ago. Hope you enjoyed your visit.  Keep checking back because there’s more coming in 2017.


And here’s one last custom before the year ends.  This is Commander Edison P. Hewlett. He is one of Starfleet’s top engineers. He designed the current U.S.S. Kelvin (after the loss of the first ship to Nero) and later served as its chief engineer.  He is also one of Starfleet’s leading experts on the foundational technology, The Machine.  Commander Hewlett recently accepted an appointment at Starfleet Academy.


Okay, I made all that up.  He’s the main character in this year’s Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Star Trek Beyond commercial. He had no backstory, so I made one up.

Commander Hewlett is made from a Scotty head and a Series IV Luke body along with a phaser from Lt. Brian and electric tape for the shirt details.


A Different Type of Custom

Merry Christmas!  This year I decided to add a Nativity scene to my Christmas display.  I have a small space, and thus needed small Christmas decorations.  In the past, I had seen Nativity scenes that were very simple and elegant; some weren’t even painted but were left the color of the clay.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any like that this year.  Then I thought, why can’t I paint that one the way I like it?  It wouldn’t be that different than customizing figures.


So I found a Nativity I liked and picked up some paint close to clay color.  I left the building and the ground as they were and just painted the figures.  I added a little dry brushing with some dark brown paint.

I hope that you and yours have a very Merry Christmas!

DC Fighter Pods Series 1: Captain Cold

I realized that I hadn’t made any customs from the superhero genre for awhile.  I had just caught up on the DC Universe shows on Netflix, and decided to make a Leonard Snart (Captain Cold) custom based on version of the character in those shows.


I was never a fan of Captain Cold in the comics but I like Wentworth Miller’s portrayal of him.  The figure itself was made from parts leftover from other customs.  The head came from a Hoth Han Solo, the body from a Star Trek Ayel, and the legs from Star Trek Scotty. Lastly, Jango Fett donated his gun to be used as Snart’s weapon of choice.

Star Wars Fighter Pods Series 6: Snap Wexley

At the beginning of this year, I bought some clay and some sculpting tools.  After many years of customizing, I decided to start some customs from scratch.  And while I’ve done a few things (parts of figures, weapons, BB-8), I hadn’t done a full human figure until now.


Meet Snap Wexely, flying ace from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I have always been partial to the X-Wing pilots, and it was easier to sculpt a helmet than hair.  Besides, my Poe Dameron custom missed his pilot buddies.



Pint Size Heroes: Spider-man


I finally picked up Spider-man from Funko’s Pint Size Heroes set.  These little figures are just plain fun.  I will definitely pick up a few more.  I’m hoping for some more DC and Marvel lines, plus Star Wars and Star Trek.  With the seemingly infinite number of licenses Funko holds, anything is possible.

And I defy anyone to say any show, let alone any superhero cartoon, has a better opening sequence than Batman Beyond.

Star Wars Fighter Pods Series 6: Cheery Chewbacca

When I saw this year’s Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar featured a holiday-themed Wookie, I decided to make a Fighter Pod version.


This Cheery Chewbacca is made from a Series 4 hologram Chewie with a clay candy cane.  And, despite his indignation, he looks pretty good with my Christmas decorations.  Imagine seeing this guy coming out of your fireplace on Christmas Eve instead of Santa.  Oh Disney, I’ve got a great idea for a Christmas movie….


Pint Size Heroes: The Many Moods of Batman

I didn’t mean to get the GameStop Adam West Batman.  I actually forgot he was part of their set.  I was looking for the basic blue Batman and (thanks to the little hole in each package) thought I’d found him.  Instead I found Adam West’s smiling face.


As you can see, I did finally get the basic Batman.  When I put the two together, I just had to laugh.  In the “Once all the people are gone” Toy Story fashion, I kept picturing the Adam West Batman trying to cheer up his brooding counterpart, while Brooding Batman just moodily grunts and occasionally says, “I’m Batman”.  I’d love to see Brooding Batman’s reaction the the “Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb” story.