In celebration of the Monkees 50th Anniversary, here’s the second part of my 10 ten songs list, exhaustively compiled by in a survey of…me.  Hope you find something you like below.

5. Goin’ Down

This song about a man who doesn’t take rejection well was written by all four Monkees and Diana Hildebrand. Originally the B-side to “Daydream Believer”, this soulful song sparked some modern day controversy after appearing in the TV show, Breaking Bad.

I dare you to listen to this song and sit still at the same time.


4. Daydream Believer

Along with I’m A Believer, this is the Monkees most famous song.  After Davy Jones’ death in 2012, the Monkees still performed this song, but with the audience taking the lead vocals.

In many ways, the lighthearted song, along with the equally lighthearted video, sum up what’s best about the Monkees.  They leave you feeling equally lighthearted, even if you are without “dollar one to spend”.



3. Pleasant Valley Sunday

I’ll be honest, this song wasn’t one of my favorites originally.  Over the years it’s grown on me with its still relevant message of “Is this all there is?” Plus I love the irony that “the local rock group down the street” could easily be their TV counterparts.  And how did four guys who are always broke afford that huge house on the beach?

I actually found the original 45 record in a local second hand store for 50 cents.


2. You Just May Be The One

It’s really hard for me to pick one favorite, because this song and the song at number one have vied for the top spot in my head for years.  This Mike Nesmith song, although originally recorded with session musicians, was re-recorded by the guys on the Headquarters album.  As seen in many other songs in this list, I love the vocal pairings of Mike and Micky, and with the addition of the jangly guitar, makes this an ideal example of a great Monkees song.


1. Door Into Summer

This deep cut from the Monkees’ fourth album, Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, and Jones, Ltd, is an odd choice for number one.  But it’s got the Mike/Micky vocal mix, the jangly guitars, and an echo of the “there’s more to life” theme of “Pleasant Valley Sunday”.  And, for some reason, I always feel a little better after I hear it.


Well, that’s my top ten.  Feel free to make your own and let me know your picks! And, in case you are wondering, the little figures used in the headers are custom Fighter Pods I made of Mike and Micky. This is a toy blog, after all.




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