Batman Mighty Minis: Red Robin


I found the new Series 3 of Batman Unlimited Mighty Minis blind bag toys and picked up Red Robin.  In the comics, almost every Robin has used a version of this costume and name.  Originally, a future version of Dick Grayson used the costume and the name in the Kingdom Come series.  Years later, Jason Todd was given a similar costume and name by an alternate universe Batman.  He later ditched that identity, only for Tim Drake to take it up, and he’s still using the name today.

I’ve always been a fan of the costume so I had to pick this one up.  Here’s the rest of the set and the codes (embossed on the bottom back of the bag).  Thanks to the Mighty Minis forum for the codes.

A3 Batman
B3 Red Robin
C3 Clayface
D3 Batman Snowmobile
E3 Robin Glider
F3 The Joker Motorcycle

The figure also included a checklist that shows series 4, which includes Nightwing, Polar Batman (all white costume), Killer Croc, a Green Arrow cycle, a Batman submarine, and a Batman wolf cycle.

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