Star Wars Fighter Pods Series 6: Rey

No set of The Force Awakens figures would be complete without the movie’s central character, Rey.  I made two versions – one with a blaster and one with her staff.  Both versions of started with the Series 1 Padme.  For the staff version, I switched out the blaster arm with one from Asajj Ventress.  The staff is built from Ventress’ lightsabers. The rest is electrical tape.



Tsum Tsums


Apparently, someone over at Disney decided it would be a great idea to make all their characters in the shape of mutated hamsters.  Tsums Tsums come as stuffed animal versions and as vinyl toys. Both sets come in various sizes so you can stack them.  Really. On paper, the idea sounds ridiculous. In reality, these things are selling like hotcakes.

I picked up vinyl versions of Goofy and Perry (of Phineas and Ferb fame) because the small ones are close in scale to the Fighter Pods.  I must admit that they are oddly appealing and I may pick up a few here and there.  A new Marvel vinyl set is currently hitting stores as well.


Star Wars Fighter Pods Series 6: Chewbacca

I’ll be honest.  I expected Chewie to look a little different in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I figured he’d at least have some grey in his fur. Apparently, Wookies have found the Fountain of Youth, and Chewie didn’t age as dramatically as the rest of the cast.  So I didn’t see the need to make a Force Awakens Chewie. But then I realized just how many Series 4 hologram Chewbaccas I had accumulated and changed my mind.


I cut off the wrench and sculpted his signature bowcaster to make him look different from the original sculpt.  Then I added a little electrical tape for the bandage he wore in The Force Awakens.