Star Wars Fighter Pods Series 6: C-3PO

The latest in my The Force Awakens Fighter Pod series is everyone’s favorite protocol droid, See-Threepio.  He’s just a simple repaint of R-3PO from series 4 (which is a repaint of the series 1 See-Threepio).  And no, that’s not the actual red arm.  I had to paint the whole figure.


Threepio loves to tell people about his red arm…


Hot Wheels: Winter Soldier car

A few days ago I posted a picture of a Winter Soldier car from the Wal-Mart exclusive Captain America Hot Wheels line.  It bugged me that the designers used gold instead of red, which would have been more in line with the Winter Soldier’s look.  I was able to fix that with help from my friend, Mr. Photoshop.

HotWheelsWS2 red

The Winter Soldier: Marvel 500 and Hot Wheels

After seeing Captain America: Civil War this week, I was fortunate to find a few items featuring one of the main characters, The Winter Soldier.

First up is the series 4 Marvel 500 Winter Soldier.  I am assuming the transparent figure is supposed to represent his stealth abilities. I did have to repaint the mask though; the figure’s original mask had apparently slipped off its eyes on to its nose.


I also picked up the Winter Soldier car from the Wal-Mart exclusive Captain America Hot Wheels set. The card art is from a comic book cover and is quite striking.



Here’s the Winter Soldier car with another muscle car based on the similarly costumed New Goblin from the Spider-Man 3 movie.


My Winter Soldier collection including a custom Winter Soldier Fighter Pod and a custom movie Winter Soldier as Captain America heroclix


Custom Heroclix: Bruce Banner, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D?

I was looking at my display of my favorite Marvel movie clix and realized they’d make a great black ops/stealth team…with one exception.  The Hulk is  a lot of great things, but stealthy isn’t one of them. I started thinking of how Banner could be a big help in the field just as himself and not as the Hulk.


I gave him mostly black fatigues with green and purple accents.  I knew Banner would need scientific gear in the field and gave him a large diagnostic tool and backpack.  The tool would also continuously pump a mild sedative into Banner to help keep him calm.


This version of Banner was made from an Ultimate Hawkeye head with clay and super-glue gel for the hair, a Mr Terrific torso and arms, a Black Lightning right hand, and Avengers 2 Hydra Soldier legs.  The diagnostic tool is a Klingon disruptor from a Fighter Pod, and the backpack comes from a Fighter Pod Sandtrooper.  The first Black Manta clix contributed the wire from the tool to the backpack.

Now you don’t have to choose between just Team Cap or Team Iron Man.  You can choose Team Coulson, now complete with it’s own scientific genius!


This picture also contains my custom Ant-Man and custom Days of Future Past movie Wolverine.  I know this version of Nightcrawler is not a movie version, but since this uniform was inspired by the movie X-Men uniforms, I figured it was close enough.