Batman Unlimited Mighty Minis: Chemo


So apparently, at some point in the DC comic book universe, this conversation happened:

Person 1: Where are we going to store all our toxic waste?

Person 2: I know!  Why don’t we dump it into a giant, vaguely humanoid, clear construct!

Person 1: Do you think the combined toxic chemicals could somehow give this construct a limited intelligence so that it couldn’t really think but would want rampage through cities spewing toxic waste?

Both: NAH!!!!

And thus was born Chemo…


I’m not sure how a giant-sized character ended up in mini-figure format but I like the irony.  And he’s not really a Batman villain so it’s odd that he’s in Series 2 (unless he’s in an upcoming Batman Unlimited movie).  That said, it’s just a cool figure.  And I’m pretty sure the heroes would rather fight this version than the normal Godzilla-sized version.


And he works well better scale-wise with Heroclix and Fighter Pods.


The rest of series two (along with codes) are:

C = Armor Batman
D = Polar Batman
W = Mr. Freeze
X = Bane
Y = Chemo
Z = The Joker

Thanks to Joe over at  Mighty Minis forum for the codes!

While looking for pictures of Series 2, I stumbled on to some pictures of what I am assuming is series 3.  There’s a small picture at with Nightwing, Red Robin, and three Batman repaints plus two more I think are Clayface and Killer Croc. They seem to come with vehicles.

I bound better pictures of Nightwing, Red Robin, and one of the Batman repaints at


picture from


Custom Heroclix: The Goblin

One of my favorite parts of Spider-man 3 was James Franco’s Harry Osborn character.  I really liked the Goblin costume so I decided to make my own.


This clix was made from Booster Gold, the bottom half of a Checkmate Medic’s head, a Kobra Fanatic sword, and a Mr. Terrific sphere for the pumpkin.


Custom Heroclix: Movie Spider-man

With the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie, there’s hope that this new Marvel movie-verse Spider-man will show up in the accompanying Heroclix set.  He’s not in the hobby-shop set, so hopefully he will show up in the Target set.


This clix doesn’t really qualify as a true custom.  It was actually a Heroclix-sized topper for a lollipop that came out with Spider-man 3.  I just glued in on to a Spider-man base.


Star Wars Fighter Pods Series 6: BB-8

So usually, when I make custom figures, I use parts from existing figures.  However, there were no parts I could use to make BB-8.  So I had to start from scratch.


With the exception of the antennas (kindly donated by a Warhammer figure), BB-8 is made from clay.


Heroclix: Captain America: Civil War

The new Heroclix set based on the Captain America: Civil War movie came out today.  There are two sets: one for hobby-based shops and one for the mass market (usually Target).  There are six figures common to both sets and 4 exclusive to each.  The hobby-based set is out; the Target set hasn’t shown up yet.

I picked up four packs and pulled two commons (Black Widow and Hawkeye) and two exclusives (Giant-man and the Winter Soldier).


These figures are very high quality with very detailed faces.  Giant-man even has the texture of his costume sculpted into the figure.

Here’s the new Winter Soldier along with the figure from the eponymous set as well as a custom I made of Bucky taking over the Cap mantle.


Giant man along with the custom Ant-man I made


The Black Widow clix from The Winter Soldier set, the Avengers: Age of Ultron set, and the Civil War set


The Hawkeye clix from the Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Civil War sets