Happy Meal: The Robin Mobile

McDonald’s currently has a line of super hero-themed Hot Wheel cars.  I’ve picked up a few Happy Meal Batmobiles in the past because they are great props for so many different toy lines. Now it was Robin’s turn. This set featured a Robin car with a special ability: it has a special wheel that lets it go forward, backwards, and turn.

It fits nicely with both Fighter Pods and Heroclix.



Marvel 500: Ant-man!

A few days ago I posted about finding a few packs of Marvel 500 Series 4 but not finding Ant-man.  I found some more the other day and was able to pick up Ant-Man and the red Hulkbuster (there’s also a green Hulkbuster in this set).

500 Antman HkB

This version of Ant-man features a costume similar to the movie one (as opposed to the comic uniform featured in Series 3).  Most of the characters in this set are also featured in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie.


The Hulkbuster figure is also close to scale with Heroclix, which is great since I never picked up an official movie Hulkbuster Heroclix.




Marvel 500: Not Ant-man

Just today I was wondering if there were any more series of Marvel 500 coming.  I had seen tubes of figures at Wal-Mart with at least one new figure, the Vision, so I assumed there might be at least one more set.  Then I happily stumbled on to two packs of Series 4 today at the local Target.

M500 Wrapper

I picked up one pack hoping to get Ant-man.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get Ant-man but a cool blue “Stark Armor” Iron Man instead.

Marvel 500 IM

Here’s the checklist that came with Iron Man.  Not surprisingly, the set features many comic book versions of characters from the new Captain America: Civil War movie.  Most of the figures appear to be repaints from previous series, but there are some cool new figures including 2 Hulkbusters and Arnim Zola.  I will probably pick up Ant-Man, the Red Hulkbuster, and Hawkeye.

Marvel 500 4 Checklist

WOMPS on the go: They Might Be Giants

They Might Be Giants have been around for decades.  Along with the Monkees, they are my favorite band. They kicked off a new tour last Thursday (March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day!) in Baltimore and I was lucky enough to attend.

The band played for a over an hour and a half with songs ranging from “Don’t Lets Start” (one of their earliest songs) to “I Love You For Psychological Reasons” from the most recent album, Phone Power. Personal favorites for me were “Ana Ng”, “The Mesopotamians”, and “Dr. Worm”.  You can see the whole setlist at setlist.fm 

They Might Be Giants performs “Ana Ng”.

TMBG Ana Ang web

“Number Three”TMBG web

You can also get their new album Phone Power from their site.  It’s a pay what you want basis.