The latest in my Star Wars:The Force Awakens series is once again testimony that sometimes the simplest customs are the best.


The original Series 2 Han Solo didn’t take much altering to create his older counterpart. With a little black paint for the jacket and a little grey to the hair, this custom was complete.



Heroclix Custom: The Condiment King

Yes.  The Condiment King.  This is an actual DC Character.  Really.

When I saw that the new World’s Finest Heroclix set actually has a Condiment King clix, I decided to post the custom I made years ago.


To call The Condiment King a D-list Batman villain would be kind.  Whereas most of Batman’s villains are fixated on jokes, riddles, cats, or even waterless fowl, this guy fixated on condiments.  Really.

One of my favorite comics is Birds of Prey #37.    In it, Robin, Blue Beetle, and Black Canary are rounding up The Condiment King, the last of villains who had been infected by the Joker Toxin (see The Joker: The Last Laugh storyline). Without giving away the story, the issue features some great character interactions as well as an interesting take on Batman’s rogues.  And most of all, it’s just plain fun.  Thanks to writer Chuck Dixon!


The Condiment King was made from a Pyro clix with the gun and belt pouches from a HDC Trooper.

Imaginext: Godzilla Suit

Imaginext has its own blind bag series and I pick up a few as the fancy hits me.  Series 6 features a Godzilla-esque character.

Imaginext Dragon 1

The figure comes with a headpiece that mimics a Godzilla head.  Without the head, the figure looks like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cosplay.  One nice touch is that when the headpiece is on, the red visor looks like the inside of the dragon’s mouth.

One nice aspect of Imaginext blind bags is that there is an identifying code on each packet. Godzilla’s code is 00.

This line has had some wonderfully wacky characters over six series, and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s coming in the future.


Star Wars Fighter Pods Series 6: Poe Dameron

I have always been a big fan of X-Wing Pilots, and the new batch from The Force Awakens is just as much fun as the original group.


Poe was made from a Series 3 Biggs Darklighter with a Star Trek space suit Sulu head.