Batman Unlimited Mighty Minis

Mattel has released a new blind bag series based on the Batman Unlimited toy line.  So far these have shown up at 5 Below and Toys R Us for about $3 a pop.  The line includes a blue/grey costume Batman, a black costume Batman (without a cape), Robin, Cyborg, Flash, and Green Arrow.  There’s also a mystery figure which turned out to be a partially translucent Batman Beyond.  I recently picked up Robin, Cyborg, and Batman Beyond.


These small figures come disassembled (head and torso, legs, and arms), so be careful when you open the bag.  The selling point is that you can combine different figures to make new ones.


As they did with the Imaginext series, Mattel put a small embossed code on the bottom of the back of the package that lets you know which figure is in the package. Only the last letter is the identifier. Here’s the list so far (thanks to the posters over at

A: Batman (blue and grey costume)
B: Batman Beyond
E: Robin
F: Green Arrow
G: Flash
H: Cyborg

The code for the black costume Batman is unknown at this time, although it’s safe to say that it’s either C or D.

Here’s a picture with Imaginext, Heroclix and (custom) Fighter Pod versions of Robin for scale.



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