Star Wars: The Cereal Awakens

I am so excited about the new Star Wars movie (see my Force Awakens Fighter Pod Luke here) but I haven’t picked up any of the new toys yet.  I want to see the movie before I pick out which characters to get.  And part of me is still mad that Hasbro brought back Micro Machines and Action Fleet but not Fighter Pods.  Sigh.

But then I was picking up some groceries and saw cereal with Star Wars toys inside.  I finally caved.  I got one of the new droids, PZ-4CO.  Then I read that boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch at Target had a special fully painted BB-8 and picked one up.  The boxes feature Star Wars art as well.

These were the droids I was looking for

These were the droids I was looking for

Each of the toys has a view finder that lets you see a frame from the movie.  To me, this is full circle.  When I was a kid, a neighborhood kid told me that if I pressed a spot on the back of my C-3PO figure, I could see part of the movie in his head.  Of course he was making it up, but now I have a droid that does.

Also available are R2-D2, C-3PO, a mouse droid, an orange BB-8, and what I assume is another droid from the new movie.

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