Star Trek Fighter Pods Series 2: Space Suits for Everyone

In Star Trek: Into Darkness, Kirk and Khan wore space suits to make a jump between the Enterprise and the Vengeance. The fine people at Hasbro decided to put a few of the Star Trek cast in these space suits for their Fighter Pod line.  They made McCoy, Sulu (with a cool sword), Kirk, and a generic Starfleet Ensign.

However, not all the main cast got space suits.

So I decided to fill in the gap.  I used gold accents (instead of the normal Star Trek blue, gold, and red) since that’s the color the Hasbro chose.

First up, Spock and Uhura.  Spock was the easiest.  In the checklist included with the toys, he had the same gray and gold coloring as the other space suits.  For some reason, the colors were changed to match the swimsuits used at the beginning of the movie.

Spock and Uhura

Spock and Uhura

This Uhura figure is the exact opposite.  I used the swimsuit Uhura, sanded down the details, and added electric tape for the knee pockets.

Stay tuned for the rest of the crew!


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