Star Trek Fighter Pods Series 2: Keenser

Keenser is one of my favorite characters in the Star Trek reboot movies and is original to the series.  While Hasbro did make a Fighter Pod of him (many thanks Hasbro!), he was in his off-duty clothes from Star Trek: Into Darkness and not a Starfleet Uniform.  I had to rectify that.  He was made with (obviously) the head and left arm of a Keenser pod and a Chekov body.





Star Wars Fighter Pods Series 5: Able

One of my favorite Star Wars stories is from the Star Wars: Empire comics #26 and 27, which takes place right after the Episode IV.  In this story, Luke and his X-Wing Squadron are setting up a communications center on a remote planet when the Empire shows up and hijinks ensue.  While there, Luke stumbles across a clone trooper who was the sole survivor of a ship that crashed there during the Clone Wars.  The trooper, BL-1707 aka Able, joins the Rebels and becomes a supporting character in the series.

Star Wars Empire #27

Star Wars Empire #27 (photo from

The fine folks at Hasbro were nice enough to make a Clone Trooper Fighter Pod with his helmet off.  I used one of the Hologram versions from Series 4 to make Able.



Star Trek Fighter Pods Series 2: Space Suit KHAAAAAAN!

I couldn’t make the rest of the Enterprise crew in space suits without making the other guy who actually wore one in the movie, Star Trek: Into Darkness.  I used a Sulu body, a clone trooper head (as I did with my other Khan custom), and a few Star Wars guns (since Khan always seemed to find a lot of guns).

And here’s the entire crew.

Star Trek Fighter Pods Series 2: More Space Suits!

Today’s post finishes the main Enterprise crew in their Star Trek: Into Darkness space suits.  In the last post, we saw Spock and Uhura.  Today we see our favorite Scottish engineer and our favorite Russian whiz kid.

Scotty and Chekov

Scotty and Chekov

Scotty is just a Space Suit Kirk with a Scotty head and tricorder hand.  Chekov is a Chekov head (obviously) on a Space Suit Sulu.  I cut off Sulu’s sword.  In order to further change the figure’s profile, I replaced the left hand with a hand from Darth Vader.  I thought the hand made Chekov look like he was using an engineering panel.

So that’s the main crew.  But we’re not done yet…

Star Trek Fighter Pods Series 2: Space Suits for Everyone

In Star Trek: Into Darkness, Kirk and Khan wore space suits to make a jump between the Enterprise and the Vengeance. The fine people at Hasbro decided to put a few of the Star Trek cast in these space suits for their Fighter Pod line.  They made McCoy, Sulu (with a cool sword), Kirk, and a generic Starfleet Ensign.

However, not all the main cast got space suits.

So I decided to fill in the gap.  I used gold accents (instead of the normal Star Trek blue, gold, and red) since that’s the color the Hasbro chose.

First up, Spock and Uhura.  Spock was the easiest.  In the checklist included with the toys, he had the same gray and gold coloring as the other space suits.  For some reason, the colors were changed to match the swimsuits used at the beginning of the movie.

Spock and Uhura

Spock and Uhura

This Uhura figure is the exact opposite.  I used the swimsuit Uhura, sanded down the details, and added electric tape for the knee pockets.

Stay tuned for the rest of the crew!

Star Wars Fighter Pods Series 5: Luke Skywalker, Hoth Uniform

While Hasbro made a lot of versions of Fighter Pods Lukes, they didn’t do a Hoth Luke.  Since they did make a Hoth Han, and bunch of snowtroopers, a snowspeeder, and an AT-AT, I figured I’d make a Hoth Luke to fill the gap.

Hoth Luke Skywalker

He was made from a Hoth Han and a Lightning bolt Luke (both from series 4 and both were repaints from Series 1).



R2-D2 has arrived

All of features on this site so far have been small.  I prefer it that way.  Small is cheaper and easier to store.  And there’s just something cool about miniature things.

But when I saw this life-sized R2-D2 standee displaying balloons at the local supermarket, I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask if it was up for grabs. And it paid off.  They were nice enough to give it to me for free!  Here’s a picture of it with a 3 3/4″ scale figure and a Fighter Pod for scale.