Baltimore Comic-Con 2015, part II

Cosplay is a great equalizer.  The only limit is creativity.  Anyone, no matter age, gender, race, or shape can dress as anyone they like. At Baltimore Comic-Con, they were out in full force.  Here’s a sampling of who was there this weekend.  These pictures reflect my personal character biases.  There were also tons of Deadpools (who all got together to dance) and Harley Quinns.  And despite the repetition of characters, almost no two costumes were the same.

These two get my best technical vote.  Robby the Robot and the Lost in Space robot were both motorized but had people perched inside.


The Avengers were also in full force.  I think Black Widow may have been the most popular costume of the day after Deadpool and Harley.



The Batman family was also well represented.  I loved this version of Nightwing.  Its similar to the Young Justice version but this guy added so great new touches.

Nightwing and Batgirl


My favorite but horribly named villain, Deathstroke the Terminator, was also a popular costume with both men and women. Here’s my favorite version of the day.


With Deathstroke making an appearance, it makes sense that the TV versions of Green Arrow, Flash, and Arsenal would also show.

DC TV Crew

My favorite costume of the day was this version of Blackhawk, a character who led an international group of World War II pilots fighting the Nazis.  I can just see this guy showing up at a meeting of the Justice League and offering his services to the new generation.  Everyone else seemed like people dressed up as their favorite characters; this guy seemed like he was Blackhawk.


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