My new Funko Pop! Collection

I like the Funko Pop! toys.  The sheer number of licenses alone make these toys intriguing.  The design is simplistic and fun.  While I did pick up Nightwing, there are so many more I would still like to get.  So many more than my budget could accommodate.  But then I had an idea…

This is my virtual Pop! collection.  I created a shelf in Illustrator, and used the Funko promo photos of my favorite Pops.  It’s now my desktop wallpaper.

My Virtual Funko Pop! Collection

My Virtual Funko Pop! Collection

In case you would like to do the same (with Pops or any other toy), here’s a png file of the shelf by itself.  It has a transparent background.



Note: the Nightwing in this picture doesn’t technically exist.  I have the actual regular release of Nightwing with the blue “V”.  There was an exclusive version with the new 52 red coloring but I didn’t like the red mask holes.  So I put the head of the original Nightwing (with white mask holes) on the exclusive version.

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