Imaginext Space Ape

While Imaginext isn’t one of my primary collections, I couldn’t resist some of the blind bag series and some of the DC figures.  I finally found a series 4 Space Ape the other day.  For some reason the idea of a gorilla in a space suit just made me chuckle.

Series 4 Package

Series 4 Package

So when I opened the package and saw this….

Space Ape unaltered

Space Ape unaltered

…I was disappointed.  With the face shield opaque, you couldn’t see that a monkey was in the space suit, which killed the humor.  Then I remembered that I customize figures and that I could fix this.

Space Ape

Space Ape fixed

A few minutes with the exacto knife and it was all fixed.  The fact that the gun looks a lot like a banana was a nice touch.

Blind Bag collection

Blind Bag collection

My collection of Blind Bag figures seems like an old 60’s Hanna Barbara cartoon.  “Space Ape and his friends, XR-9 and Paul the Bigfoot, roam the galaxy in search of adventures and hijinks!”  These toys are just plain fun.


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