$1 Star Wars Figures

I was surprised to find Star Wars figures at my local Dollar Tree. I no longer had my original Chirrut figure, and haven’t had a Dart Vader figure (outside of Fighter Pods/Micro Force) in years, so I grabbed both. They also had Krennic, Jynn, Cassian, and Leia (from her Rebels appearance).

JJ Abrams

I recently saw that Funko is making a Pop of JJ Abrams and decided to make a Micro Force version.

In order to honor his contributions to both Star Wars and Star Trek, I gave him a lightsaber and a tricorder.

JJ was made from a Chekov figure with a lightsaber from a Hologram Luke figure.

RIP Peter Tork

Peter Tork has passed away.

For those of you unfamiliar with Peter Tork, he was a member of the Monkees, both a rock band and a TV show about a rock band.  While I didn’t know Peter Tork personally, I have been listening to the Monkees for a very long time, and they have provided a soundtrack for my life.

I was fortunate enough to see the Monkees in concert when Micky, Davy, and Peter were touring.  I remember how, in the middle of playing their usual songs, Peter plays Bach’s “Two Part Invention in F” and everyone was blown away.  I knew that Peter was an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, but was still awed by that performance.

The best way to honor a musician is to share their music, so here’s to you Peter Tork.

The Monkees in one of their trademark romps with Peter handling the lead vocals…


A gem from their 1980s work that tells the bright side of a nasty break up…


I would never thought of mixing a banjo with a big horn sound, but they pull it off in this song performed in their concerts in later years.  I don’t think this version was ever officially released, but was included on a live CD available during their 2001 tour.

Micro Force Ships

I was fortunate enough to find the new Micro Force ships and picked up the Poe and Kylo two-pack.

These small ships each fit in the palm of my hand, but still fit a pilot. Both even have detail inside the cockpit.

My favorite feature is the slot for BB-8 in Poe’s X-Wing. Hopefully there will be a future version of Luke’s X-Wing with a similar slot for R2.

New Micro Force Figures

After reporting here that the U.K. was receiving Micro Force figures before the U.S., I’m happy to report that they are finally showing up in the U.S.

I am fortunate to have 5 Targets along my normal travels and 3 more about 20 min outside of that. Only one store had Series 3; a majority of the rest just got Series 4 in, and one still has Series 2.

Here are Rogue One figures Chirrut and Baze from Series 3 and K-2SO and Cassian from Series 4.

Some of these Targets also had pegs for the Micro Force vehicles, which a helpful Target employee told me are scheduled to arrive beginning this week. And they are inexpensive! The two-packs are only $10 and the single packs are $6. That’s much cheaper than I was expecting.

Series 3 The Last Jedi figures Poe, Rose, Leia, BB-9E, and hologram Snoke

From the Solo movie, we have Series 4 figures Chewbacca, Mimban Trooper, and Lando

And lastly, we have reissues of the Clone Trooper and Pilot Luke (two of my all-time favorite figures) from Series 4 and a Jawa from Series 3.

I couldn’t resist throwing a Rogue One shot in to the mix. Series 5 has a Scarif Trooper to add to the Imperial side. Hopefully we’ll get a Bodhi and a Krennic to complete the main characters.

I still can’t believe my favorite toy line is back and has so many more figures to come!

Micro Force Series 3 Found!

I was going by a Target that is somewhat out of my normal rounds, so I decided to pop in just in case they had Series 3. And they did! Series 3 and 4 had both been out in the UK for awhile, and I was beginning to wonder if they were going to be released elsewhere.

I picked up three packs and got three new figures and some reprints from the original Fighter Pod series. I scored Snoke, Chirrut Imwe, and Rose!

I love the little Chirrut picture on the back!

As a bonus, due to what I’m assuming was a factory mistake, Rose came with not one but two Sandtroopers!